Who am I for you?


Who am I for you?

My name is Ivan Martin,

I’m a 43 years old French guy, born in Wellington (New Zealand) and a World citizen.

And by the way I’m Coach and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator.


I’ve studied Interpersonal Communication for more than 20 years, closely attending illustrious teachers, and am Certified Professional Coach & Mediator (CAPM), I’m graduated as well in professional acting, Gestalt and Psycho-corporal Communications (IFCC European Institute).

Ow yes, and I’ve been practicing Meditation and Martial arts since 30 years, and notably spent 5 years in meditation retreat, as a monk actually.

But the most extraordinary tools and techniques I use are those of Access Consciousness ®, as they create the infinite choices and possibilities from allowing me to bring everything I know, be, perceive and reveive, as a contribution to people’s life and freedom. I am an Access Consciousness CFMW and Certified Bars® Facilitator.


I’m most grateful for those extraordinary people from whom I’ve learned, and whose knowledge has been enlightening mine:

Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer , Péma Wangyal , Yongey Myngyur , Jigmé Khyentsé , Dzongsar Norbu Khyentsé , Dzigar Kongtrul , Tsawa Rinam , Yangshenla , Michel Granvale , Gerard Edde , William Nelson, Jean-louis Lascoux , Claude Vaux , Eliane Jung-Fliegans , Pierre-Yves Brisiaud , Tan Chin Ngee, Rosa Chen, Wang Chih Shih , Nabil Ayouch , Michael Lonsdale, Serge Martin and Katherine Couzinet.


The organizations that trusted me recently: the Cultural Department of Geneva, the High School of Welfare work of Switzerland, the Department of Public Education of Geneva; the General Doctors and Drug addict Foundation of France, the Foundation of Higher Education of Catalunya , the Euroleague Basketball, the International Federation of Basketball (FIBA), the Training School of Mediation and Negotiation (EPMN), Songtsen International Care (France-India), Coffee Stain Productions (Australia)…

Former active member of the French Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation (CPMN-ONG) and Redaction Committee member of the Mediation Code 2009 (FR).

Laureate of the Label + Switzerland 2011-2013 National Contest (with L’Alakran Cie.), for my Relational Quality Program.