Symphony Of Possibilities®

during the “Choice Of Possibilities” with Gary Douglas / Vienna 2017

A session of Symphony (Symphony Of Possibilities – SOP – an Access Consciousness ® technique) allows you to create the changes you want to bring in your life.

SOP is a technique which follows and develops the acoustical and energical vibrations of your body and allows it to get in resonance with its environment. You open in your world, in your body and in your reality, a capacity to Receive way more than you have believed you were able to, and an endless number of new, different possibilities.

On the whole it allows you to achieve the expansion of your Being.

And if you were in such communion with all cells as everything became possible?

How can you indeed be compositor of your own Reality?

Sessions work miraculously the same remotely and in presence. How Does It Get Any Better?

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My point of view about a Symphony session (French):