Since I wrote this article, I received so many other testimonies, even greater than those you’ll read, that it has been blowing my mind…!

People freeing and getting definitely rid of life-long pains, unease, blockages, presences and heavyness in their bodies… And that goes without saying what it Allowed them to Receive and Create!

I have no word to say how Grateful I am for that… How wonderful that is to share this world and make it better together!
Thank you so very much for Being, you beautiful people!!


Main part of the Joy I have, Being in this world, is receiving testimonies from the people I facilitate. This has been taking some time before the people I was working with, acknowledge consciously the change and resolutions they had gone through with the work done together. I’ve been using several techniques that brought amazing results in Relational Quality and Mindfulness for instance. Yet the tool I’ll now share some testimonies about, remains way more extraordinary than everything I knew before.
The Symphony Of Possibilities® is the most beautiful and changing-life thing I’ve been seeing, experiencing and facilitating. It is one of the Access Consciousness® techniques, created, shared and allowed by Dr. Dain Heer (I would emphasize the word “allowed” here, as he does it amazingly).
I’m pleased and so grateful for the people who shared their experience of some of the sessions I’ve been facilitating those last 3 weeks, both in presence and remotely. It’s nice to precise here that those testimonies I choosed are all from people who didn’t have any clue about this technique before, and most of them didn’t even know about Access Consciousness®.

So here they go:

– “Your session has completely moved my world. I perceived a big release at many levels. My mind expanded fast. And my physical body released a lot of loads and disturbances. I feel very light, awake and with big strength to act. The days following the session were totally rich, I was emanating light, as I’ve been told by people.”
– “I felt several movements during the session, movements of variable density in my body and sensibly different one from the others, and a dissolution of some elements. I have a very nice fluidity in the body since the session.”
– “The things that were difficult and bothering me before, during my own sessions with my patients (charging myself with physical troubles that were not mine) are not anymore; now I have begun to work in a totally different way with my patients. I also have had very interesting changes with my familly and particularly with my son. New forms of communication have been established between us. It was like waking up from a long dream and understanding his language while he was understanding mine, at last. Magic!”
– “I went out very happy with the session and with much desire to think, to have consciousness and to integrate many things, I was much more positive.”
– “Right after your session, I got more clients to get my sessions (just as I asked). I felt so much confidence on myself. I wanted to do so many things at the same time! it’s a strange feeling but very cool! Thank you so much Ivan!!
– “I can now tell you that I’ve found back such a joy of living that it’s similar to Buddhahood!!
– “My mind is very expansive and creative now. My world is opened for new possibilities and I get connected with all of them. And all this happens after receiving your session of Symphony of Possibilities. You have magic in your hands and in your way of working. You have an extraordinary connection with other dimensions. I realize the existence of infinite possibilities that open before me from now on...”
And now I say it again…

I have no word to say how Grateful I am for that… How wonderful that is to share this world and make it better together!

Thank you so very much for Being, you beautiful people!!


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