“Inspire me” Begin an Access Story


Today a friend asked me if I could tell a bit of my Access Story to be inspired if possible… Let see what I can contribute with…


Time goes in an unusual way when you use Access tools. And though I’m living with it since quite a little time, it seems to have been dozen of years passing on…
Before receiving those tools, I had passed many real years, long years, learning meditation and martial arts, like being a monk, practicing 24/7/24, doing just that. Yet, once I decided to get back to the “world”, I didn’t really have any clue on how to use all this in my life (even after having got certified with some other great techniques and tools in communication +), what I mean is, I didn’t really know how to truly make change in my life.
That is where Access comes in the picture.

The picture

As many, receiving one Bars session had already transformed my capacity to get into making different choices, and in few weeks I took a new direction. I firstly received 1 session per week for 2 months, genuinely offered by the woman who was to become later my love and partner, Laetitia Guillemant. Then I started to go ahead on a 1 month natural scheduled program. At the end of the first month receiving Bars, I took my first Bars Class, and there right away started to give sessions on my own, to anyone feeling it, starting with a few free sessions, and traveling a bit to give my first paying sessions.
1 month after the first class, I received a second one, and in turn a third one, 1 month later. Guess what… 1 month later again, I was giving my first Bars class. And after that? After that it was taking off into the space of infinite possibilities…
So 1 month later (! hold on, thereafter the frequency shortens… To 1 week) I went to Ireland for receiving Foundation – this, is a step’in knowing and perceiving what Access is going to gift you with – and 1 week later again, I was in Stockholm for my first E.S.B. (+the Joy Of Orgasm n°1). That’s where I met Dain Heer, and I’m still having no word for it, as my gratefulness remains still beyond reference any. I’d just say that here started the possibility to Be, Allow and Acknowledge what really is world-changing.
Ok let me make it shorter now, otherwise I’ll write a book for you! So 1 week later I flew to San Francisco (I know it may sound weird, but you’ll see at the end that it actually is even weirder than you thought!), so I flew to Frisco for my first C.O.P. And… yes 1 week later, I was in Houston for the Global Bars and the New Foundation with Gary and Dain, meeting Gary for the first time. Now… Though I’ve met really incredible beings in my life, I must say that, to me, Gary Douglas can’t fit in any comparison, nor could his kindness. And I’m still wondering what his eyes are made of.
Ok then what? Ow yes… S.O.P…. Dublin. There the real magic starts to be You Being. That’s the most marvellous thing I know now. All the things I had learned before (and I did quite a lot) came to completion at this time, it all became useful, easy and usable. Symphony is simply purely wonderful. But this would make another subject to write about. Anyway I’m now heading toward Vienna, Roma, Tokyo and more…

The Tip

Now, what is the use of writing all that to you? How can it inspire you? Of course things in my life changed greatly along those events, in a family way, in a personal way, in a professional way and in my relationships. Not to say about all the amazing people I’ve met along, who have been contributing greatly to make those travels possible and extraordinary, but yet… I mean… Besides the fact that if you can travel that much, or go that deeply with Access, it then sounds fun, glorious and easy… What if you don’t have this freedom to go here and there around the world? What if you don’t have the money for instance?
Here comes the tip: I did all that, leaving without having any money in my pocket. Is that somewhat inspiring? It is to me! What kind of American dream is that?
That is what Access tools can gift you with: the magic, the miracle of creating your life as you desire it. And what does it take?
What can you choose? What can you create?
Thank you for allowing me this acknowledgement. Acknowledging what you’ve created is the key for more magic.
Here you go my friend.

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