A letter to Dain Heer

my Dear Friend,
I have no idea how this email could contribute in any way to the wonders you display constantly, yet it’s now some months-centuries I feel like sharing a few words, so here it goes… We know there is no way to be grateful enough for what you Allow, Acknowledge and Create in our bodies, world and consciousnesses – let’s call that “THAT” – except precisely to Know, Inspire and Be THAT. The beautiful thing here is that we actually do it. How Beautiful!!
The space you bring to me everytime you throw the net of your gathering indescriptible love upon the space where we all stand and Be – meaning everytime we allow ourselves to receive it, wherever we stand – is more than I have ever dreamt about, looked for or desired. In this open space of being Tool-Gather, I find the life I belong to. And I can’t remember how far it goes since I choosed THAT and have been looking for it. You brought it up to me, to us, to all of us, even to those who don’t have any clue about it, because you know those ones as well will rise and be, in and for this calling world of ours. Let me do a “10” here.
I have no word to say how much you deserve us all to Be. And we will my friend. We will, we’ve been woken up by the pearless Truth you embody and share, and by Gary’s powerful and unfathomable kindness. No word to thank for that, Dain. Even tears of joy and gratitude don’t sing the song that rises in me. Should I say the Symphony? Indeed. How did we get so lucky?
I’ve been quite intimate for many years with the greatest masters of meditation, retreating from the world, practicing 7/24, devoted to consciousness… Hum, well… Despite my respect and gratitude for what they passed over me, I “told” them I’ve now found greater, wider, deeper… Weirder! And they acknowledged it is, indeed, true. They had to stay behind. WE don’t. We don’t have to stay behind anything nor anyone, and that’s one of the greatest insight you allow to have and be.
I’ve met you for the first time in this life, in Stockholm, then in San Francisco, Houston, Dublin… How many years my friend, how many universes did we cross already at your side since then? You recognized me, touched me and gave me the power to create, be and choose everything Different in my life. Such a gift you are! Such a wondeful gift for all of us…!! I know, sense and am aware that I’m the wealthiest man on earth. Almost, well, that’s what I choose. I also know, since I got my Bars run for the first time, and particularly since that day when I met you, I know that I’ll be one of those who thrive for expanding and displaying the Tools and insights of Access to this world. One of those who live for it. How fun that is! This gives me the greatest sense of Honor I’ve ever had before. What else could I desire? How could I contribute even more?
So that’s how I thank you. See You in Rome soon, at the threshold to the Great Contribution for this beautiful World we Create Together!
With all I BE, Infinitely Gratefully,

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