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Beyond the Silence of Abuse

A webinar with Dr. Lisa Cooney

Pour les francophones qui souhaiteraient rejoindre la Facilitation réputée du Dr. Lisa Cooney sur L’ABUS SOUS TOUTES SES FORMES, j’aurai le plaisir de lui prêter ma voix,



What ways do we maintain and entrain the silence of abuse?

1) We don’t share about the abuse.
2) We don’t speak up to the abuser.
3) We do speak up to the abuser, but give them more chances so they can change.
4) We believe the abuser wants to change, and are silence our awareness that they aren’t choosing that.
5) We know and have the awareness to leave, but feel that if we leave it will reflect judgment towards the abuser and in our desire to be “seen” as conscious, we choose to silence our awareness.
6) We can see the best in others and because we can see the best too (in addition to the worst), we believe that is who they are going to choose to be, and if we leave or speak out then we are liars.
7) We should forgive and forget, not live in the past.